How to Check Your Class A's Hydraulic & Steering Fluid

Oct. 23 2019 Miscellaneous By Beaver Coach Sales

A general check of your hydraulic fluid and power steering fluid in a Class A RV is something you can accomplish on your own. However, if you prefer to have a specialist take a look, Beaver Coach Sales in Bend, Oregon, offers a 14-point inspection that checks the level and fluid condition.

Prior to checking the level in the power steering reservoir, please ensure that the coach is on a flat level surface so that way we have a good accurate representation of the level being provided.

You can either check it when it's hot, after it's been running for a while, or cold, after sitting preferably overnight. To check the fluid level and quality, locate the fluid canister in the engine compartment. Typically, it is on the right side. However, this will vary depending on make and model of the coach you have.

Some RVs will solely have a power steering fluid reservoir whereas others can have a hybrid reservoir that will contain hydraulic fluid and power steering fluid as one. Generally systems that only use power steering will say power steering fluid.

Start by removing the cap with the dipstick attached. Look at the hot or cold side of the dipstick depending on whether or not your RV was previously running. If the fluid is low simply add more of the proper fluid for your RV.

AW 46 is the most common, that is with a hydraulic and a power steering fluid reservoir. With just a straight power steering reservoir, please consult your owners manual for the correct fluid type that is on your RV.

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