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RV Financing In Bend, Oregon

At Beaver Coach Sales, our top priority is to help our clients feel confident in their new RV purchase. This includes making it easy to get the financing and coverage you need. Worried about high interest rates, repayment terms, or investment return? Beaver Coach Sales is motivated to secure the ideal financing solution for you.

Beaver Coach Sales is proud to offer our clients a seamless purchasing experience. To get a quote, apply now. Our staff will contact you about our available financing options.

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Roadside Assistance

  • Compass Protection Plan


    The Compass Protection Plan is one of the largest and most respected Service Agreement Companies in the industry. They offer extended warranty plans administered by American Guardian and insured by Virginia Surety Company. It is the veteran member of the Compass family of products and has three popular plans: the Platinum Plan, Gold Plan, and Coach/Living System.

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  • United States Warranty


    In the event of a mechanical breakdown, United States Warranty Corporation will get you and your loved ones to a safe place. Meanwhile, their 24/7 Claims Department will help you process the event. Accepted at repair facilities nationwide in the US and Canada, they offer a 100%, 60-day money back guarantee. United States Warranty can provide the service contract plans available for the most extensive types of new and used RVs.

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  • Coach-Net


    Coach-Net has focused on roadside assistance for 30-years. They offer extensive coverage and RV expertise available 24/7. Travel with confidence knowing you have a Coach-Net.

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Preventative Maintenance

  • Tyron Safety Bands

    PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCEMore than 20 million Americans experience tire punctures or blowouts every year. Tyron Safety Bands are designed to last the lifetime of your vehicle, protect your vehicle's wheels from damage in the event of a flat tire or a common blowout, and are maintenance-free. Should your wheel become damaged, Tyron will repair or replace it free of charge.



  • Duratain Coatings


    Unlike your car, RV's have many additional surfaces and components that can be affected by inclement weather, spills, and geographic conditions. Duratain products are specially formulated with UV blocking properties and designed specifically for your RV's unique needs. Standard RV wax evaporates in extreme heat, leaving your RV unprotected. Duratain sealant is permanent which means you will never need to wax your RV again. The treatment is done on the interior, exterior, awnings, and undercarriage. Protect the beauty and luster of your investment so that you can spend more time enjoying it!

Credit Protection

  • Gap Insurance


    The difference between what your insurance company will pay in the event of a total loss (less your deductible) and your outstanding loan balance is referred to as the "Gap." This gap can sometimes total several thousand dollars. Coming up with the cash to pay this deficiency is sometimes difficult, which can adversely affect your credit. Careful investors protect their assets by choosing the Total Loss Coverage plan.

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  • Tire Shield


    Tire Shield offers insurance for your most important RV resource, tires. Throughout your travels, you will inevitably face some hazardous conditions on the highway, such as potholes, nails, glass, etc. The Road Hazard Tire Protection plan provides coverage for repairs or replacements caused by these hazardous conditions.

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