2019 Charitable Giving and Sponsorship Policy


Beaver Coach Sales (BCS) and its sister company, Happy Campers RV Rentals are committed to supporting charitable organizations and causes that give back to enhance our community. BCS recognizes the importance and goodwill charitable giving plays in our community and far beyond. Our motto “Service is the Secret” extends beyond just servicing RVs to serving the community where we do business and live. It is a priority to actively serve, support, and improve the livelihood of the members of our society. The charitable giving and sponsorship policy ensures that all BCS donations, in-kind donations, sponsorships, and volunteer activities are aligned with BCS’s philanthropic focus, maximize the opportunity for company visibility, cultivate long term business relationships, and are within company budget and allocated resources.

Philanthropic Focus:

Each year, Beaver Coach Sales & Happy Campers receive many requests from individuals and organizations for donations. As much as our company would love to donate and sponsor all requests that are submitted, we focus our giving toward organizations involved with youth and animals.

Sponsorship Benefits

Beaver Coach Sales & Happy Campers intend to maximize the opportunity for company visibility through our sponsorships. In partnering with an organization to sponsor an event, fundraiser, etc., the relationship must be mutually beneficial. This includes having a presence in marketing materials, social media campaigns, displaying Beaver Coach Sales and Happy Camper’s signage, and/or being involved in the event of some capacity.

General Contribution Guidelines:

Contributions in the form of monetary value should fall under one of three categories: charitable organization, community involvement, or public relations. All charitable giving inquiries and sponsorship requests will be received and reviewed by the marketing department and approved by the owners prior to the donation. We will communicate directly with the organization to gather documentation and additional materials needed for the charitable partnership once approved. Charitable donations outside of BCS’s philanthropic focus may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Other forms of recognition such as RV rentals may be negotiated in exchange for sponsorship. All copy and artwork are to be approved by BCS prior to publication. BCS will track all charitable giving and donations throughout the year.
Beaver Coach Sales considers contributions for:
● Youth enrichment programs
● Animal welfare foundations/organizations
● Meaningful events related to our philanthropic focus
Beaver Coach Sales does NOT make contributions for:
● Personal travel or endeavors
● Political/partisan endorsements
● Organizations involved in illegal gambling, recreational or illegal drugs, tobacco or weapons.
● Organizations who practice work harmful to animals or detrimental to the environment.
● Marketing or advertising projects
● Merchandise promotions
● Tuition
Examples of previous organizations sponsored:
● Redmond FFA
● Boys and Girls Club of Bend
● Special Olympics
● Young Life
● Bend Film Festival- sponsored-screening partner
● St. Charles Foundation’s “Heaven Can Wait” Walk
● Oregon Jamboree

Request Procedure:

If the business or personal request aligns with our philanthropic focus, please submit the
following in writing to marketing@beavercoachsales.com before March 30th:
● The goal of the organization or individual
● The specific purpose of the request
● It is the policy of BCS to request that a qualified entity acknowledge receipt of the charitable donation in the form of a signed and dated letter.

After March 30th, we will gladly look over your request and consider it for the following
year. This allows Beaver Coach Sales to solidify all sponsorships and charitable giving for
the year and allocate our resources and budget adequately for the remainder of the year.


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