RV Driving School

Multiple times a year we provide a FREE RV driving school. Why? Because we love the RV lifestyle! We want to help all those enjoy the RV lifestyle with helpful tips, tricks, training, and useful advice to make every trip safe and relaxing.

Our RV experts and Master Service Technicians give their expertise to each attendee and even take them down the road in one of our larger Class A diesel pushers. You will learn about RV maintenance, proper trip planning, safe distances,  RV parking, and more. During school, you will also receive a handy pre-inspection checklist to keep all of your travels worry and stress-free.

Sign up for one of our dates: May 27th, June 24th, July 22nd, August 26th


8 Reasons to Attend RV Driving School

Share the Driving

Driving long distances can cause fatigue. AAA reported that one of every six deadly traffic accidents was due to drowsy driving.

2 Prior Proper Planning

Many accidents are caused by simple forgetfulness leaving doors unlatched, awnings open or steps extended. We provide a Pre-Trip Inspection guide to help prevent those mistakes.

3 Safe Distances

More than 15% of RV insurance claims are from failing to correctly stop or turn. RVs need more distance to brake and width to turn.

4 Throw It In Reverse

Often new owners will experience their first reality check after leaving their RV dealer’s lot. It has a jarring effect for some when they realize RV parking may not be as easy as anticipated.

5 Size Awareness

10% of RV insurance claims are from roof damage. The height and weight of your vehicle effects not only your comfort-level, but also your route planning.

6 RV Maintenance

A well maintained RV or tow vehicle, is a safe vehicle. Understanding the lifespan of RV components can be the difference between a successful trip and a disastrous one. 

7 Practice Makes Perfect

Spending some time getting to know your RV and your limitations will ensure you have a safe trip and make everything more worthwhile.


Find out the dates and sign up for our upcoming Driving School at the front desk! We hope to see you there.